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anyone taking requests? I have a few nanbaka Oc's (like only three) I would like them with there love interest (only two have love interests I only have 12 points though ;-; hope that enough
I'm back X3 sorry for the absents..not like I was missed anyway XD
Female Gravity Falls OC's
base used~

from left to right:
Arron Grav (genderbent): Wattpad's friends OC
Grave: Mine
Sheila: new Gravity falls OC, mine
Sean Tak (genderbent): Wattpads's friends OC
Dawn Raven: Mine

out of them all, I only like Dawns....
Crow.(!!).full.1919924 by Princess-Saturania
~~~ Crow's POV ~~~
Sup my little Cattle! I'm Crow. Let me tell ya a few things. I love milk and curry. Despite drinking a lot of milk I have not grown taller and to answer your question. Yes, I'm short =,= but please don't call me 'Mayoshi' like that Baka Tsundere dose. I'm the lead singer and guitarist of Shingancrimsonz. Also my parents work at a cattle farm...That why I call my fans Cattle. Oh right...I should properly continue with the story...let's see...
You all know Chi and Shura right? The two girls that came into the place where we cleanse our souls. Well those two decided to stay. Wired I know...Crap! There I go babbling away again...Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyway it was six in morning when I woke up to get a drink of water, I know I said I like milk but I drink water every now and again. I walked to the fridge and got a bottle of water and walked to the couch only to see Chi sleeping on it. Worst thing is that she took out the whole couch which included my spot.
I looked at the other couch and a sly smile grew on my face. Baka Tsundere was sleeping there. I walked back to my room and got my Alarm clock I've not used it since I was about ten. I set it to go of in five minutes and placed near Shura's ear.
Five minutes later the alarm clock went of and Baka Tsudere's eyes snapped open and she jumped clinging to the roof. I laughed and pointed.
"Serves you right,Baka Tsudere!"
"Baka Mayoshi." Shura growled and detached herself from the roof just as Yaiba walked past and she landed on him.
"Uh...I'm sorry Yaiba." She said standing and helping Yaiba up. Yaiba just nodes his head.
"No problem my Goddess." He said walking of leaving the Baka Tsundere dumb folded.
"He called me his goddess." Baka Tsundere said with a dreamy look before walking over to my alarm clock and threw it at me.
I caught my alarm clock and was going to say something when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned to face Chi.
"Your in the way. Move." She said with a tired look.
I moved and she walked to the kitchen. She picked up a glass of water and walked up to me.
"M-morning." I said with a nerves laugh. The next thing that she did was unexpected. She raised her glass and poured the water on my head.
I blinked
"What was that for?" I asked and Chi only smirked at me.
"For waking me up." She said walking back to the kitchen.
I walked to the bathroom to dry my hair. That blasted wolf is a force not recond with. When I got out of the bathroom there was a new person in the kitchen. Every one but me was there.
"....of course it depends on what Crow thinks of course." The male said smilling
"Why don't you ask him...his right behind you." Kyle said nodding his head to my direction.
The Male stood up and turned walking up to me.
"It's nice to meet the lead singer of Shingancrimsonz. I'm Zero, the president of Kings records." Zero said handing his business card over to me and walked back to his seat.
I looked at the card and blinked.
"Uh, thanks but...we already have a record deal-" I started but got cut of by Zero.
"I know...that's why in three days time you are to go up against Fallen Wonderland in the battle of the bands. Also this places needs to change." He said and clapped his hands. In a flash of light the whole room and maybe the whole apartment changed.
"This place is now the Fallen mansion. And soon to be also Shingancrimsonz's as well." He stood up and turned placed a hand on my shoulder.
"Trust me Crow, you wanted to join my agency before you got a record deal with the talking egg." He added and laughed.
"I mean, just look at Fallen Wonderland, they are happy with us, they already have a debut concert coming soon, and a movie deal. They have only been with us for what...two days. You see Crow, your band will be more happy with us. Till then." With that he walked out.
I glanced at my band members and smiled.
"We'll have to loss, to get a record deal with Kings." I said
"And your okay with losing?" Rom asked
"The Black monster agrees with Crow." Aion said covering his face with his hand again. That person can't talk with posing.
"Depends on what the Goddess thinks." Yaiba said pushing up his glasses.
"In that case-" I started
"NO! You are gonna try to win, don't purposely loss!"
I turned to face Chi who was glaring at me.
"S-She's right, Crow-Sama." Kuro said looking up for a split second before looking down at the floor again.
"That would be unfair if you let us win with out fight. It's called a 'Battle of the bands' for a the way, I still don't forgive you." Kyle said giving me the death look.
Geez Kyle could keep a grudge.
"My thoughts exactly. A 'Battle of the Bands' is made for two bands to battle it out till the end. There is no battle of the bands, if one band losses on purpose." Shura said.
"And just because we are new to this. Don't play easy. Try your hardest. Make it difficult for us to win!" Chi said.
I smiled and nodded my head.
"Whatever you say." I said smiling and pointed to the sky then to Chi.
"This I, The greatest band leader, Crow, swear, To battle to the end, fare and square, no questions asked!" I said smirking. Chi smirked and pointed back at me.
" The same goes for the Fallen, we swear to go all out and try our hardest to win." She smirked
"Then. Let the best band win!" We all said at the same time.
*thinks* :/ uhhh..hi everyone..... *does not know what to say* I guess..who want me to post my SBR fanfics on here?
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